Why Plant?

Grow Plants With Your Kids

Grow Plants With Your Kids

For all of those who are new to house plants and gardening then one big question you might find yourself asking is: Why Plant?

  • Why get into house plants?
  • Why get into gardening?
  • What can I get out of it?

Here we’re going to focus on some of the major benefits that gardening can bring you and also why it can be beneficial to the planet and society more generally, but first let’s focus on you. And of course we’ll look at what joy gardening can bring if you plant with your kids.

Plants Teach You Responsibility

If you don’t have kids yet or a pet then the only thing you’ll have ever looked after is probably yourself. It’s easy to be selfish or sometimes not to have a reason to get up in the morning if you’re the only person you need to look out for.

Houseplants are a step in the direction of responsibility. These are living things that rely completely on you for their survival. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

This kind of responsibility can give you meaning and keep you grounded in a world where immediate gratification normally comes first.

If you’re a parents and thinking about starting gardening with your children like I do. Then this is a great way to teach your little ones about the natural world and how to look after something. If you can give them the same satisfaction that you have when gardening then you’re off to a good start.

Plants Keep Our Air Clean

There’s a reason we have existed harmoniously with plants and that’s because they bring us so many health benefits. The main one being cleaner air.

In the modern world we breathe in pollutants every single day. Plants are a way to clean that air around you and to make it safer for both you and your children.


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