Hi world! My name is Brian, I’m a dad of three and when I’m not chasing after my little ones I’m in the garden getting mucky.

I developed a love of gardening as a child with my dad. We used to spend hours on a Saturday in the garden planting and pruning. As I became older I started to keep indoor plants, experimenting with different types of plants in different conditions.

I bought grow lights and a humidifier and started working with plants from all over the world. I got better at cultivating different types of plants, learning about their foliage and root systems.

Now as an adult I run and own my own plant shop and spend my Saturdays trying to give my daughters the same love of botany as my father gave to me.

My girls call me pops so PopsPlants became the perfect name for what I wanted to achieve. I hope you enjoy reading about what I’ve been up to, our future plans and stories about my beautiful girls.

So go on, take a look around.