Pepper That Peperomia!

Peperomia are a quirky little houseplant that are packed full of fun and will make the perfect addition to your home.

The Peperomia family originate from central and south America. They are a plant that is used to living in humid conditions and will put out lots of growth if given the opportunity.

Peperomia are quite a popular plant because they can tolerate low light. This makes them ideal for homes and apartments that don’t receive much light but that need plants to brighten the place up.

Another reason Peperomia plants are so popular is because they are quite small. As they don’t take up too much space you can put a Peperomia plant pretty much anywhere. They’ll squeeze in to any spot that needs a plant and will probably sit there happily without making too much fuss.

They require regular watering but also need well draining soil and a drainage hole in their pot to prevent them from sitting in water. Peperomia can be susceptible to root rot so need pots that drain well.

A further reason why Peperomia plants are so popular is due to their quirky little leaves. The patterns on a Peperomia make them stand out from other plants. Take the Watermelon Peperomia for example that gets it’s name from the watermelon like markings it has on its leaves. Or the Peperomia Napoli. All of these types of Peperomia have their own charm and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

If you are going to get a Peperomia an important thing to watch out for is not to fall for their name. Another name for Peperomia plant is a radiator plant. Even though they have this name this doesn’t mean that you should place your plant on your radiator. Doing so will cause your plant to dry out and you will risk it dying. Instead place it away from such an intense heat spot, give it access to medium to bright light, water regularly and if you can provide your plant with humidity then even better.

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