My Favourite Plant Tubers

YouTube is a great way to learn more about plants in a fun and informative way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading blogs and articles about plants, in fact I can’t get enough of them! But sometimes you don’t want that. Sometimes you want to put on a good youtube video and get drip fed information about interesting plants that you’ll definitely end up buying.

So here are some of my favourite PlantTubers.


It’s probably no surprise that my number one favourite Plant Youtuber is Planterina. I can’t get through a conversation with another plant enthusiast without hearing Planterina mentioned.

Her laid back attitude to plant care makes the ordinary person think ‘her maybe I can do this.’ She has taught me so much about low light houseplants, propagation, how to water my plants and much much more.

Not only that but she is so watchable and has an extensive knowledge of houseplants. If you’re new to this whole world then you can’t go wrong with Planterina.

Kaylee Ellen

My second favourite PlantTuber is British girl Kaylee Ellen. It’s thanks to her that I’ve been able to come across so many different kinds of plants. She talks about plants I’ve never heard of and as soon as I’ve finished her video I always say “I’ve got to google that plant!”

I started watching Kaylee when she first started uploading videos and watching her youtube career take off has been so satisfying. The fact that I even contemplated starting my own YouTube plant channel was all thanks to Kaylee but as I’m not as camera friendly as her, I’ve decided to go for the blog angle instead.


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