I Love Ferns

i lover ferns

i lover ferns

My plant of the week has to be the Fern. I just love them. I think they’re an incredibly underrated houseplant and more people need to get into them.

They’re vibrant, they put out so much growth, they’re low maintenance, attractive and they can really add to a plant display.

I think because they grow in our woods and outside people often think, well why would I buy one for my home? But seeing a fern thriving in a pot on your windowsill is one of the most satisfying things ever.

Some Of My Favourite Ferns

  • The first fern I ever bought was a birds nest fern. Unfortunately I over fertilised it and it’s leaves became scorched but I quickly learned my lesson and tried again.
  • The most aesthically pleasing fern for me is the Crocodile Fern with its scaly foliage.
  • An increasingly popular fern that I just love is the asparagus fern with its feathery leaves.
  • The Western Sword Fern is a classic, and probably what everyone has in mind when they hear the word fern.
  • The Autumn Fern is just like the Western Sword Fern in that it is a classic fern that everyone loves and that you can expect to see out and about no matter where you go.
  • And the Ostrich Fern is a Fern that is on the rise. It’s not commonly used as a houseplant but we have several in our garden and we just love them.


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