Calathea Run Down

Calathea are a great houseplant. They’re very popular and it’s no surprise with their beautiful foliage. They really are a striking plant.

  • Calathea come from the tropics so they like it humid. If you don’t live in a humid environment then don’t be afraid to splash out on a humidifier.
  • Calathea like to be watered often but they don’t like to sit in water
  • Make sure you pot your Calathea in well draining soil
  • Calathea like to be root bound so don’t repot until you need to
  • Calathea can be propagated so don’t be afraid to make new plants out of the ones you already have
  • ┬áCalathea don’t like direct light as it can scorch their leaves so make sure you keep them out of sunlight

This is our basic run down, for more information you can check out the Calathea full care guide on OSERA.

Some of our favourite Calathea include:

  • Calathea Ornata
  • Calatha Medallion
  • Calathea Crocata

What are your favourite types of Calathea, let us know in the comments below?

Here are some articles about Calathea care from our second favourite plant website:

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Hopefully as we develop more content we’ll be able to divert you to our own pages but for now please enjoy the writing of OSERA. They’re a plant website that we love and that give us a lot of information on how to care for some incredibly beautiful and sometimes rare plants.

What are your favourite plants? Are you a fan of Calathea? Why/why not? Please let us know in the comments below.



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