Pepper That Peperomia!

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Peperomia are a quirky little houseplant that are packed full of fun and will make the perfect addition to your home. The Peperomia family originate from central and south America. They are a plant that is used to living in humid conditions and will put out lots of growth if given the opportunity. Peperomia are ….  Read More

Calathea Run Down

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Calathea are a great houseplant. They’re very popular and it’s no surprise with their beautiful foliage. They really are a striking plant. Calathea come from the tropics so they like it humid. If you don’t live in a humid environment then don’t be afraid to splash out on a humidifier. Calathea like to be watered ….  Read More

Grow Plants With Your Kids

Why Plant?

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For all of those who are new to house plants and gardening then one big question you might find yourself asking is: Why Plant? Why get into house plants? Why get into gardening? What can I get out of it? Here we’re going to focus on some of the major benefits that gardening can bring ….  Read More